Please send the following email to Sarah Henderson.

    Dear Sarah

    I am a strong supporter of marriage equality who lives in your community. 

    I urge you to do all you can to achieve marriage equality in this term of government. 

    It has already taken too long and there is no reason to delay any longer.

    I don't support the idea of the law allowing discrimination against our LGBTI friends and family - this goes for marriage as well as the wedding services all other couples take for granted. 

    I'm joining the campaign to achieve marriage equality, so you may hear more from me in the coming months.

    Many of us are watching, hopeful that you'll stand up for equality. None of us want this to still be an issue at the election. Please help resolve it before then.


    Best wishes,

    Make It Law is a campaign initiative funded by PFLAG Australia and supported by just.equal, Rainbow Families (Vic) and Geelong for Marriage Equality.




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